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Our website aims to give you essential and independant information which is needed in order to make an informed decision as to whether to buy in North Cyprus, and if so, to guide you through the buying process.
This site contains discussions on controversial issues, and we attempt to provide a balanced treatment of these issues. Some readers may be offended by this.

The site contains a number of topics which may be of interest to you

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North Cyprus Title Deeds
Prospective purchasers need to be aware of the different type of title deed available in order to make a safe property purchase
North Cyprus Shared Title Deed
An interim measure pending the issue of an Individual Title Deed

Property Rental Tax
TRNC Revenue and Tax Office will enforce the Tax
Cyprus Border Crossing
Locations of cyprus border crossing checkpoints


Off Plan Purchase and Stage Payments
Find out about the advantages for the buyer and common pitfalls
Name and Shame List
The controversial list of rogue builders published by the HBPG
Home Buyers Pressure Group
Information on the HBPG and its activities
Gary Robb
The Aga Saga and Gary Robb


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Why Wellington ? Wellington Estates Ltd are a North Cyprus property company with British management . What makes us different is that we have purchased several significant land banks in North Cyprus. This means that we build on land which we own. All our land purchases have been fully researched by our solicitor and we are 100% certain of the status of the land on which we are building. We pass on our confidence to purchasers by giving them a 10 year guarantee against any future land claims which may arise if the island is reunited. When a customer buys from Wellington Estates, there is a single contract covering the construction, the land and any mortgage which is required. Customers can also meet with us in the UK, examine the title deeds and leave all the problems of overseas property purchase in our safe hands.  
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17 September 2018