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Crossing the border with a car
If you rent a car in South Cyprus, at say Larnanca or Paphos airport, you may drive across to the North. On the other hand, if you rent a car in the North, you are not allowed to cross over to the south. Only personally owned TRNC cars can cross over to the South .

So, if you wish to travel from TRNC to the Republic of Cyprus, the easiest way is to cross the border on foot and then rent a car in the South. There are several Greek car hire agencies near the Ledra Palace border crossing. However, please note that insurance purchased from one side is not applicable to the other. So when you cross you will need to purchase insurance

If you hire a car in the South, then you can drive it North and pay some 12 YTL for 3 days or 20 YTL for a month. However, you should take care to check that you buy comprehensive or full collision damage waiver insurance

Border crossing points
There are currently 5 active checkpoints for crossing the border, also referred to as the green line, in Cyprus. The last crossing point that was established was the Zohdia crossing that is located in Morphou.

Agios Dometios (Nicosia)
This is also known as Metehan is considered the main crossing point between the two sides of Cyprus due to sheer volume of people that cross at this checkpoint. It is located in Nicosia and it is a checkpoint that handles the crossing of pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and goods.

The crossing is quite easy to find in TRNC. If you are travelling from Girne / Kyrenia, take a right at the first and main roundabout in North Nicosia and then at the first set of traffic lights take the left filter lane. Travel to the end of this long road and take a right at the roundabout. Move into the right hand lane and go straight over the next roundabout. You will now proceed directly to the Metehan border crossing.

If you have a British passport or are an EU passport holder or you have visa permission to enter the Republic of Cyprus you should present your papers to the Turkish Cypriot authorities at the border, fill in a white visa slip with your name, passport number and nationality and then you will be allowed to pass.

As previously advised, please note that if you are in a hire car from Northern Cyprus you will not be allowed into the Republic of Cyprus. You should park your car and walk across the border. However, this is not the best crossing for pedestrians.

If you’re travelling to Northern Cyprus from south Cyprus you should drive to Nicosia and follow the few signs that exist to ‘Keryneia’ and you will arrive at the Metehan crossing point. You will not be stopped until you reach the Turkish Cypriot side. If you possess a British passport, an EU member state passport or have a visa to enter TRNC you will just have to present your papers, complete a white visa slip and you can proceed. Please note that hire cars from south Cyprus are permitted to enter Northern Cyprus but all cars have to purchase additional insurance at the border crossing point.

Black Knight (British Eastern Sovereign Base Area)
Or also known as the Azios Nikolaos, Strovilia, or Akyar crossing is one of the two crossings points that are located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. This crossing point allows for the movement of pedestrians, vehicles, and goods across the border in either direction.

Pergamos (British Eastern Sovereign Base Area)
This is one of the two checkpoints located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. It is also known as, Beyarmudu, or Dhekelia. Pedestrians, vehicles and goods can cross.

Ledra Palace (Nicosia)
This crossing point is for pedestrians only. However, it is also used as a crossing point for diplomatic vehicles. This crossing has a 'no man's land' area between the North and South Cyprus checkpoints. It is some 200 yards. En route you will pass by the famous Ledra Palace which was an upmarket hotel before the partition of Nicosia. It is now seriously dilapidated and has been used to house UN soldiers. Prominent bullet holes in the external walls add to the atmosphere.

When you reach the Greek side, you can look backwards and see a wall with evocative artwork. The ambiance of the setting is rather undermined by the 'laid back' attitude of the border guards on both sides. However, you can be unlucky and attract an unwelcome and serious amount of scrutiny.

Zohdia (Güzelyurt)
This crossing point may also be known as, Astromeritis, Morpho, Morfu, Güzelyurt, Omorfo, or Morfou. This was the last checkpoint to be opened, as it is located to the west of Nicosia. This checkpoint allows for the crossing of pedestrians, vehicles, and goods.


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