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12 August 2011 - Gary Robb is Charged in Nicosia

Gary Robb was back in Court yesterday, 11 August 2011, and was formally charged by the Greek Cypriot Court of South Nicosia.

There are 13 charges, most relate to unlawful possession of property on the Amaranta Valley development at Arapkoy, or Klepini as the Greek Cypriots refer to the location.

Bail terms include daily reporting to a police station, handing over of his UK passport, and a bail bond in the sum of 50,000 euros. This can either be lodged in cash, or guaranteed by a person acceptable to the Court.

Mr Robb has already entered a 'Not Guilty' plea via his Greek Cypriot lawyer, and denied any connection with Aga Developments Ltd. If true, this is a lame defence, as there are copies of the company's Onay Belgesi or Directors' Information in the public domain.

Gary Robb is currently being held on remand until the bail conditions are met. The next Court Hearing is scheduled for 12 September 2011, and it is unlikley that there will be any noteable news until that time.

There are many contradictory reports concerning Mr Gary Robb, and we apologise for any inaccuracies

Leslie Hardy © 12 August 2011

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