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10 November 2009 - Gary Robb may avoid trial in the UK

Mr Gary Robb was deported from the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) on 27 January 2009. He now claims that he was kidnapped in North Cyprus on the basis of collusion between the TRNC authorities and the Cleveland Police.

Lawyers for Mr Robb in the UK are pursuing the claim that his return to the UK was unlawful. If successful, this may mean that he will not be able to stand trial on a charge of conspiracy to supply both class A and B drugs at the Colosseum nightclub in Norton, Stockton.

The precise nature of his departure from the TRNC remains shrouded in mystery. Our understanding is that the prime movers who organised his deportation were the TRNC authorities and not the UK police.

This is due to the fact that there is no extradition agreement in place between the UK and TRNC, because the TRNC is not recognised by any major country, other than Turkey. However, it is likely that the TRNC advised the UK authorities of Mr Gary Robbs' forced trip to the UK and the Cleveland Police arrested him upon arrival at Stansted airport.

Whilst in North Cyprus, Gary Robb did seek to establish himself as a reputable businessman in the property development sector. Like many UK expatriates working in North Cyprus, he appears to have been unfortunate in his choice of TRNC colleagues and associates. The activities of his TRNC company, Aga Developments Ltd have been blighted by controversy for many years, and his flight from the TRNC to Thailand bears witness to Mr Robbs exasperation with trying to deal with his TRNC colleagues.

Due to the ambivalent status of the TRNC, it has been a haven for several colourful characters who are on the run from the UK authorities. The most notable is Mr Asil Nadir who controlled the Polly Peck empire in the UK and fled to North Cyprus in 1990. Mr Nadir, who is a Turkish Cypriot, has established himself as a well known and respected member of the TRNC business community.

Mr Gary Robb evidently thought that he could emulate the example of Asil Nadir and create a new life for himself and his mother in North Cyprus. Initially, life in the TRNC was good for Gary Robb and he persuaded the TRNC authorities to grant him nationality, so that he became a Kimlik Card holder. This would have assisted his business operations in North Cyprus.

The main reason for Gary Robbs departure from North Cyprus was undoubtedly the desire of the TRNC authorities to remove him from the scene, in the hope that his departure would clear the way for a resolution of the long running problems associated with his construction activities in the TRNC, and especially the Amaranta Valley development.

His mother, Mavis, aged 71, was also deported with him. She is on bail in the UK and is charged with possessing and transferring the proceeds of drug trafficking.

Whether this legal move will assist Mr Robbs' position is unclear. As there is no extradition agreement in place between the TRNC and the UK, then any arrangement between the two jurisdictions was, of necessity, informal. If the UK court rules that his return to the UK was, in some way, unlawful, then proceedings against him could be stayed. It is unlikely that the charges against him will be dropped. What would happen to Gary Robb in these circumstances is unclear. He would not be welcomed should he wish to return to North Cyprus, and it is equally unlikely that he would wish to remain in the UK.

Mr Gary Robb was unwell during his last months in North Cyprus, and his experiences since January 2009 will not have improved his health. It would be useful for all concerned if the current uncertainty is brought to an end.

There are many contradictory reports concerning Mr Gary Robb, and we apologise for any inaccuracies.

Leslie Hardy - 10 November 2009


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