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10 March 2013 - Gary Robb's site at Amaranta Valley. Customers receive Permission to Purchase

As reported in the North Cyprus Free Press

A Gary Robb customer received his Permission to Purchase for his Amaranta Valley property seven years after applying for it.

After all that has happened with regard to this particular site, and the decayimg state of the abandoned development, it is hard to imagine that anyone would want to progress this further, even if it were possible. We now know that the Greek Cypriots who claim ownership of this land might well take action against anyone who did, and indeed the likelihood of ever fulfilling the 4 conditions cited by the Advocate who sent the buyer this ‘good' news are unlikely to be fulfilled in the near future.

The bureaucratic process associated with Permission to Purchase can be mysterious and protracted. Granting PTP for such a problematic development does have a ring of irony. Other Aga Development buyers at Amaranta Valley have received theirs around the same time. Here is the email received by the purchaser in February 2012

“Dear xxxx

Hope this e-mail finds you well.

Please be informed that your purchase permit application has been ratified by the Council of Ministers and your purchase permit application has been granted with permission number K(II)**/2012.

Transfer of title is not possible at the moment until:

1. The site is complete or divided into separate title deeds.
2. There is a representative, trustee or guardian that can sign for Gary John Robb or he attends to Land Registry personally.
3. Taxes are paid.
4. Impediments and court orders are cleared.

Kind regards”

Names and details have been concealed.



The issue of Permission to Purchase permits in respect of the Amaranta Valley site is a welcome development. The problem is that the site was abandoned long ago when Gary Robb's problems first began in North Cyprus.

Possession of a Permission to Purchase by itself will not enable any customers to occupy their property. Due to land slippage, the site is considered unsafe and there is no infrastructure of roads, electricity etc. The entire site is littered with unfinished properties, in various stages of decay.

The PTP news highlights yet again the need for a rescue plan at Amaranta Valley in order to complete construction and finish the site based on acceptable building standards.

There are many contradictory reports concerning Mr Gary Robb, and we apologise for any inaccuracies.

Leslie Hardy - copyright - 10 March 2013

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